12/13/2018 Officer Election Results

Tongue Tamers elected its new officer team. From 1/1 to 6/30/19, Erica Stoll (President), Stefan Blasig (VP Education), Martin Acosta (VP Membership), Sepehr Afshari (VP Public Relations), Edith Stoll (Secretary), David Siess (Treasurer), and Irina Efremova (Sergeant-at-Arms) will be in charge. Congrats, guys, and good luck!

11/8/2018 Pathways Presentation

At our 11/8/2018 meeting, Milad Bayan, Area F-3 Director, will give a presentation about Pathways, the new online learning program of Toastmasters International, followed by a Q&A session. Pathways was rolled out in our Founder’s District in December 2017 and will eventually replace the traditional communication and leadership tracks by June 2020. With any change come challenges, though, and Milad will help us to understand how to maximize the benefits Pathways provides.

8/9/2018 Awards Ceremony

Please join us to celebrate our members’ success in the past Toastmasters year 2017/2018 with awards, special occasion speeches, good food, and fun! Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Location: High Park Tap House, 23641 Via Linda, Mission Viejo (outdoor patio).

Ten DCP Goals Again!

For the fourth consecutive year, Tongue Tamers have reached all 10 possible goals in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).  Only two of 19 Toastmasters clubs in Founder’s District Division G have managed to achieved this! Way to go, Tongue Tamers!

5/24/2018 Officer Election Results

Tongue Tamers elected its new officer team. From 7/1 to 12/31/18, Kelly Motakef (President), Robert Acosta (VP Education), Erica Stoll (VP Membership), Ariana Tamiz (VP Public Relations), Sergei Oganesian (Secretary), David Siess (Treasurer), and Sepehr Afshari (Sergeant-at-Arms) will be in charge. Congrats, guys, and good luck!

6/16/2018 LACE Training

Online registration for LACE is open!  LACE will take place at Chapman University in Orange and provide you with informative and entertaining workshops from 8:30 am to 4:50 pm for only $15 (lunch included).  All incoming officers should attend officer training for their respective roles.  If we have all seven elected officers trained, each member will receive a $5 discount at the next LACE in January 2019.


5/24/2018 Officer Elections

At Tongue Tamers, we hold elections for club officers twice a year, once in December and once in May.

  • Any club member may run for any officer position. However, after two consecutive terms, the President must stand down for at least one term before becoming eligible for the same position again (she or he may run for a different role).
  • The topic is usually raised at an officers’ meeting and a date is chosen for the election. That date is usually announced at a regular club meeting at least two weeks before the election. Members are also notified by e-mail.
  • Any member who wishes to run for any position should inform the Club President or the Immediate Past President. You may put your name forward for multiple positions, but you can only hold one position at a time: once you have been elected, you must remove your name from the election for all other positions.
  • The elections will take place at a regular club meeting. They may be chaired by the Club President, Immediate Past President, or any other officer. If an existing officer (including the President) is chair, she or he must recuse her- or himself, while any position for which they are running is being decided.
  • The elections for each position are held in the following sequence:
    • President
    • VP Education
    • VP Membership
    • VP Public Relations
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Sergeant at Arms
  • The Election Chair determines if there is a quorum present (over 50% of active members). Members that have not attended any of the past three meetings are considered inactive for quorum purposes. If no quorum is present, the election will be postponed to the next meeting, at which a quorum can be reached.
  • The Election Chair announces the names of the candidates who have put their names forward before the meeting. Members, who have nominated themselves in advance, do not have to be present at the election. The Chair then asks for each role separately, if there are any candidacies from the floor. The nominee from the floor must be present and has the opportunity to respectfully decline. At that point, the list of candidates is closed.
  • All candidates have an opportunity to give a short (1-2 minute) campaign speech, if they wish.
    If there is only one candidate for a position, the election can be decided by a show of hands. If there is more than one candidate, there will be a secret ballot. If two or more candidates tie for the most votes, those candidates will be given another opportunity to speak, followed will be a secret run-off ballot between the top candidates. If there is still a tie, the Election Chair may cast the deciding vote. The final vote count will be disclosed.
  • Once a candidate has been chosen, his or her name is removed from the election for all subsequent positions.
    The same steps are followed until all the officer roles are filled.
  • It is possible for two members to jointly fill an officer role, but Toastmasters International will only give credit to one of these officers. The assistant/co-officer should use this time to prepare to hold the office next term.
  • Once the results are finalized, the current Club President notifies all club members by email as soon as possible. In addition, the Club Secretary (or any other designated officer) will update the officer list on Club Central, the Toastmasters International online portal.
  • Officers’ meetings are usually held at the third Thursday of each month, from 6 – 7 p.m., at our regular meeting place, although the exact schedule and location is at the discretion of the Club President. The President will notify the officers and other members accordingly, prepare a meeting agenda in advance, and give the other officers the opportunity to provide input. At the officers’ meetings, decisions are made pursuant to seconded motions. While the officers’ meetings are open to all members, only current club officers are eligible to bring a motion and vote. A quorum of 50.1% of all club officers must be present for a vote to be binding.

Congrats to Our Club Contest Winners!

Here are the results of our 2/22/18 International Speech & Evaluation Club Contests:

Evaluation – 1st Place Shawn Larry, 2nd Place John Moussan.

International Speech – 1st Place Stefan Blasig, 2nd Place Dave Friedman.

The winners will represent Tongue Tamers at the Area G4 contests on 3/3/18.