Frequently Asked Questions

Do Guests Have to Speak?

No one is forced to speak. We understand perfectly that speaking in public is one of the most frightening things one can do. In fact, many of us are in this club precisely to overcome that fear. We will not embarrass you or make you speak unless you want to.

Having said that, guests may be invited to speak during the Table Topics section of the meeting and many do. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you may decline.

What’s In It For Me?

The benefits are many and varied, depending on each member’s experiences and place in life. Here are some:

  • Courage – Overcome fear of public speaking.
  • Networking – meet possible customers, clients, employers, etc.
  • Resume Enhancement – many potential employers understand the advantage of communication skills, and are impressed that we work to be better communicators.
  • Marriage Help – Everything, including marriages are made better by improved communication!
  • Avocational help – Participation in community affairs, church work, or membership in other clubs are all helped through the skills gained here

What Happens at a Meeting?

On this site we have overviews of what happens at a meeting, who does what, and a typical agenda.

How Do I Join?

We encourage anybody that is interested in joining the club to visit us as a guest: it’s free and you will get to see a meeting in action and meet our members. We’re friendly and we’re sure you will enjoy yourself! You can find the address, time, and a map on our home page.

If you enjoyed being a guest, talk to our Vice President for Membership. He or she will help you to fill out the membership application form.

How Much Does it Cost?

You will need to pay membership fees to our parent organization, Toastmasters International. However, the good news is that Tongue Tamers doesn’t charge for club membership. We are fortunate that Farmers and Merchants Bank allow us to use a room at their Laguna Hills branch, free of charge, so we do not need to pay rent. To meet our day to day expenses, we hold an opportunity drawing during the break at our meetings. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Do I Have to Attend Every Meeting?

No, but attendance is to your advantage. You will find that you will grow and become better faster if you attend all the meetings you can.

What Help Do I Get When I Join?

When you join the club, the Vice President for Education will talk with you to find out your goals when you join the club. She or he will assign you a mentor, who will help you with anything you need to know about the club as well as helping you as prepare your first few speeches. In many case they will listen to you rehearse your speech and provide you with constructive feedback so that you will be less nervous when you give the talk in front of the club.

In addition, any member that you ask for advice will be happy to help you.

Do You Have Any Other Questions?

If you haven’t found an answer to your question here or elsewhere on the Website, you can contact us here.