Membership Fees

When you first join Toastmasters, there is a one-time fee of $20 (plus sales tax). This covers administrative costs and the cost of your speech and leadership manuals. In addition, Toastmasters International charges membership fees ($45.00), which are collected every six months (at the beginning of April and October).

If you join the club between the renewal dates, your fees are pro-rated at $7.50 per month (or part of a month), as shown in the table below.

Unlike many clubs, Tongue Tamers does not collect club fees. All your fees go to Toastmasters International. Instead, we hold an opportunity drawing at each meeting. Participation in the opportunity drawing is voluntary.

If you are interested in joining Tongue Tamers, you should talk to the VP of Membership at the next meeting you visit. He or she will be happy to explain all the benefits of joining Tongue Tamers and will help you to fill out the membership application.

All Members pay fees twice a year, membership dues are pro-rated from the member’s start month at US$7.50 per month:

January $22.50 July $22.50
February $15.00 August $15.00
March $7.50 September $7.50
April $45.00 October $45.00
May $37.50 November $37.50
June $30.00 December $30.00